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It's not new, just different. We are here to support you in leading the way to common language of instruction. Establishing Instructional Continuity in this time of change is our charge. Joellen Killion reminds us that there are two factors needed for successful coaching: Conditions and skills. You may find that your conditions have changed and you may need some new skills to transition to this new normal. We are here to help. You can contact us any time HERE or follow us on twitter: @R13Coaches.

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Coaches need coaches. We are here for you. Just click on the picture, fill out the form and we will direct you to a coach that's selected just for your needs. Let us know if you need help with navagating your new role, virtual coaching, content help, or if you just need an ear. We would love to have a session with you. (Sessions are scheduled on a first come first served basis.)

Lunch Tray Planning

Watch this short video from Julie Stern on how you can implement this planning process. More information can be found at

Online Learning Template Infographic

Big thanks to: Trevor Aleo, Julie Stern, Kayla Duncan

Online Learning Template


Planificación de la Bandeja de Almuerzo

Mire este breve video de Julie Stern sobre cómo puede implementar este proceso de planificación. Se puede encontrar más información en

Plantilla de Aprendizaje en Línea